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Often we all put our efforts and focus on situations trying to fix them out, thereby making more mistakes and repeating the same errors and we have to go through that stage of disappointment over and over.

One thing is so outstanding here, the fact that you are trying it over and over and never giving up, I say kudos.


But don’t you think you should STIR IT UP? Trying over and over to fix a situation that can’t be fixed with a broken heart, disappointment and chain of failure is not healthy.
All that is required of you is just to STIR IT UP, no matter who you are in life, your level of personality, if you can’t stir then you will constantly fail and will always end up with disappointment.
Hey you, yes you, STIR IT UP!, but before you stir I’ve got a question for you.

What is STIR?

According to Merriam Webster’s definition of a stir: in entry 2 of 3 of section 1 (b) “to stir is to have a
widespread notice and discussion.”
That’s fantastic, I took time to fully align with that definition, the key point here is WIDESPREAD NOTICE…
Now would you like to STIR IT UP? You have a clue already, but I will let you have a full dose in other to stir it well.


STOP: Please stop, I care so much about you, take a deep breath and stop that endless perambulation, stop trying to fix that stuff on your own, giving up is not an option here, but all I just want you to do right now is stop for a moment.
Stop and ask yourself, what’s wrong, the moment you feel you can’t answer that question, then you need to know something is wrong and you need to fix that particular thing.
THINK 90 % of those trying to fix things repeatedly like a superman lack just one thing above and that’s the will to stop. The moment you can’t stop, then it’s much more difficult for you to think. Yes, all you need to do is to stop then put on the thinking cap.
Think about that project, think about that particular situation that you are in, why are you trying to fix it over and over and you are not getting it right? Stop, take a deep breath and think.
IDENTIFY: I just told you to stop and think, right? Something is very important here, trust me, I don’t want you to quit for any reason, quitters don’t win, and winners don’t quit so we are not quitting.
 In the process of stopping and thinking, to think is to reflect, what are the things you are doing wrong, why are you struggling to fix things and they aren’t coming out fine, why are you so exhausted?

These are many things for you to think about and IDENTIFY the problem, identify those obstacles that make you repeat the same mistakes over and over.
If you are blind to your physical world, don’t be blind to your mind and intellects, listen to your mind quietly, you will surely pick something that will cause you a stir.
REPAIR: The mistakes you don’t fix over time will continue to be a revolving mistake, many people can spot a problem, but can’t fix it, I call them fault finders, fault finders don’t have the solution to offer, but they are professional in finding errors.
However, I still give appreciation to their strength, considering that as an individual, we all fall under the law of swot analysis but that’s not enough.  

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Take the scenario of a football coach, once you are outside the pitch, you can see everyone’s mistakes. But the moment you are on the pitch, the reverse is always the case. Don’t be a fault finder only, be a solutionist, and be ready and able to repair that situation.


Now let’s make it clear, that finding an error is not enough, as discussed earlier, to stir up requires the four elements.  
This is not magic, the stirring will not happen unless you are ready to stop making repeated errors.
In other to have a complete stirring of your life, take out some moments and reflect, think of that particular situation, it’s time you need to stop acting like a superman or woman. Take out some time, stop that continuous mistakes, think about it, identify the problem and repair (fix).

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